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Custom full framepacks designed specifically to fit the inner triangle of your bike. Keeping the bulk weight in the center lowers your center of gravity, improving the handling characteristics of your loaded bike.

*Final cost may increase after checkout, due to extra options selected (limited to material & color)

BASE Framepack info:

  • Base price $300
  • Paracord 550 laced TopTube section (or velcro)
  • Xpac VX21 / Cordura / ECOpack exterior material
  • No interior liner or closed cell foam perimeter
  • YKK AquaGuard zipper (#5 or #8, dependent on bag size) or Standard YKK #8 
  • SS hardware
  • **recommend PRO if you'd like map pocket or Anti-Bulge upgrade**

PRO Framepack info:

  • Base price $400
  • Paracord 550 laced TT section (or velcro)
  • Xpac / Cordura / ECOpak / ULTRA for exterior material
  • 1.9oz PU ripstop or 200d pack-cloth interior to maximize weatherproofing
  • YKK AquaGuard zipper (#5 or #8, dependent on bag size) or standard YKK #8
  • 3mm (closed cell/anti-microbial) foam perimeter 
  • SS hardware 
Below are the features you can add to your framepack. 
PRO $400
+ $40 Dual zip (drive side)
+ $60 Map pocket (non-drive)
+ $40 Custom patterns
+ $60 Anti-Bulge (divider for dual zip + sucks in the bulge via drawstring) 
+ $30 Bolt-on bag (per x4 bottle bosses)
+ $80 Dyneema DCF or Ultra 200/400
+ $20 Patches (per x4)
+ $20 Upper internal tent pole straps 
+ $20 Hydration port (underneath the drive-side zipper hood)
+ $30 Spoke sleeve + upper slot
+ $30 XL, XXL, XXL framepack
+ $30  Flared nose (increased capacity, wider front)



*Lead time is approximately 3-4 weeks during fall/winter and spring/summer can be 2-5 months*

*Bolt-on option only available locally (requires installation @bogeworks in Seattle, Wa)


Please order through the contact page or email bk@bogeworks.com